The Bentleys


The Bentleys –

This beautiful family is such a joy to work with and I had such a blast hanging out with them on the couch family portrait Session.

I love this happy family!!  I can’t stop smiling when looking at them.  I really love  the honor and privilege I have to share such joy and happiness with each family that I photograph.  Children grow up so fast and I Know  it is so meaningful to document and preserve their playful and youthful innocence.

bentley_0001 bentley_0002 bentley_0003 bentley_0004 bentley_0005 bentley_0006 bentley_0007 bentley_0008 bentley_0009 bentley_0010 bentley_0011 bentley_0012 bentley_0013 bentley_0014 bentley_0015 bentley_0016 bentley_0017 bentley_0018 bentley_0019 bentley_0020 bentley_0021

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